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Hitachi in India

Indoor Unit|Total Heat Exchanger

Controllable Using the Remote Control Switch for The Air Conditioning Unit

Can be controlled in various ways using the remote control switch for the air conditioning unit (PC-AR).

Automatic Selection of Most Suitable Ventilation Mode

Depending on temperature conditions both outdoors and indoors, the most suitable ventilation mode is automatically selected, helping to save energy.

Fixed Type Heat Exchanging Element

  • The newly-developed fixed type heat exchanging element with high temperature exchange efficiency equivalent to the rotor type element,has been adopted for the new total heat exchangers(Temp. Exchange Efficiency: 77% [in case of 500m3/h type unit]).Additionaly,reliability is increased due to reduction of moving parts.
  • Low weight with simple unit structure.

Product Line-up

Type of System Equipment Capacity Range [m3/h]
250 500 800 1,000
Total Heat Exchanger

With the built-in electronic expansion valve, Hitachi's indoor unit is designed to be freely connected either to outdoor units or other indoor units. Select the outdoor unit of your choice from the list in the catalog (Please refer to the catalog for details of the connection capacity limit, etc.).