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Hitachi in India

Inverter Split Air Conditioners|NEO 4200i INVERTER - R410A

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  • TechnologyPowerful Mode

    Powerful Mode

    The fan speed in this mode is super high which in turn helps in cooling down the room quickly.

  • TechnologyOne Touch Silent Fan Speed

    One Touch Silent Fan Speed

    At just a press of a button on remote the sound level of the air conditioner can be lowered.

  • TechnologyAuto Fan Speed

    Auto Fan Speed 

    If the compressor is cut off then the fan speed is low and when the compressor starts then the fan speed is high.

  • TechnologyLow Derating (10% Higher Performance in Peak Summer)

    Low Derating (10% Higher Performance in Peak Summer)

    The heat exchanger ensures the ability of the machine to deliver optimum cooling, even at very high temperatures

  • TechnologyBacklight Remocon
  • TechnologySoft Dry

    Soft Dry

    It helps remove bad odour from the evaporator by keeping the coil dry. This in turn helps in preventing the growth of bacteria and mold.

  • TechnologyDefrosting Sensor

    Defrosting Sensor 

    Automatically prevents frosting inside the indoor unit and ensures efficient functioning of the air conditioner for long periods.

  • TechnologyKaimin Function

    Kaimin Function

    Lets you sleep comfortably by raising the temperature by 1°C per hour up to 4 hours.

Price List

Inverter Split Air Conditioners: NEO 4200i INVERTER - R410A MRP

Model No.

Model Description TR-Class Star Rating MRP (in Rs.)


1.5 53290


2.0 65090