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Single Circuit

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Controller : Microprocessor based intelligent Control Panel for precise control
Efficient Heat Exchanger : Reduces power consumption
ODU-IDU Communication : Extremely safe and zero error communication signal through RS 485 communication cable
Scroll Compressors :
  • High volumetric efficiency
  • Low power consumption
  • Compact size with low noise
Propeller Fan : The largest ODU fan in its category that delivers high airflow which maintains high COP even at high ambient temperatures
Single Circuit Range– 5.5/ 8.5 & 11.0 Tr

Multiple Circuit


  • Energy saver
  • Provides redundancy
  • Reduces wear & tear of compressor
  • Prevents over cooling


Phased Starting of Compressors

Load on main due to compressor
Phased Starting Compressors
  • Controls inrush current
  • Reduces load on mains
  • Ensures safety of machine

Run Time Tracking & Equalization of Compressors

Compressors Run-Time Takumi v/s other Ducted Splits
Phased Starting Compressors
  • Ensures equal running life of compressors by uniform usage
  • Budget & monitor power consumption
  • Trouble free operation due to less wear & tear
Multiple Circuit Range – 3.0 / 4.0 / 5.0 / 7.5 / 8.5 /11.0 & 16.5 Tr

16.5 Tr Ductable with Convertible IDU

Hang or Mount ImageConventionally the indoor unit can either be mounted on the floor or suspended from the ceiling. But 'convention', as Hitachi Home and Life Solutions (India) Ltd., an establishment revered for its ability to provide innovative solutions, is a term we continuously strive to redefine. The result of one such proud endeavour is the new 16.5 Tr Air Conditioners that can function as both floor mounted and ceiling suspended units. The first of its kind, these machines offer great flexibility in use and can be installed in either mode to best suit your cooling requirements.


16Tr ductable Image

Ductable presentation Image
  • TechnologyRun time equalization of compressors
  • TechnologyPart load operation
  • TechnologyPhased compressor turn-on
  • TechnologyCompressor run time tracking
  • Technology Flexibility in handset cord length
  • TechnologyBuilt-in real time clock

Common Features

Space Creator Heading Image
The low height indoor unit design gives you 27% more vertical space for your ceiling designs.

Space Creator Illustration Image

Illustration showing the new installation features (7.5 Tr to 11.0 Tr)

Space Creater Table

"Table Showing the decrease in false ceiling height from the ceiling"


Phase Starting of Multiple Units
Comparison of Initial startup load between Hitachi Takumi Series and Others
Phase starting of Multiple units Image
  • Reduced Inrush Current
  • Lower Capacity DG Set Required
  • Reduces wear & tear of Machine & DG Set
  • Increases the safety of Machine & DG set installed
Takumi series come with the inherent safety features like:
  • Burst proof capacitors used with FR cap
  • High Class Motor Insulation
  • IP55 protection class fan motor
  • Fire retardant material like Nitrile insulation, FR grade blower casing, Poly styrene drain tray is used for indoor units
Variable Speed Condenser Fan Motor
Benefits of Variable ODU Fan Speed
Variable ODU Fan Speed ensures:
  • Reduction of deration at higher ambient
  • Lower power consumption with higher capacity of the units, hence higher EER
High Ambient Design for 52ËšC Outdoor Air Temperature
  • Optimum Cooling Capacity
  • Low Deration
  • High COP
Sensible Microprocessor Control
The integrated Microprocessor protects the Air Conditioner from:
  • Low/High Suction Pressure
  • Single Phasing
  • Reverse Phasing
  • Over/Under Voltage
  • Over Current
  • Single Compact Outdoor Unit for 3.0 to 16.5 tr
  • Less Space Occupation
Self Diagnosis with Error Code Display
  • Automatic Diagnosis of fault in the machine
  • Quick Resolution to the fault
User Friendly LCD Remote Control Handset
  • Clear Display of operating parameters
  • Easy to operate & control the desired settings

Individual and simultaneous ON/OFF of units
The Central Station can help one avoid the hassle of switching ON/OFF all units installed with an individual hand set. Although to reduce high in-rush current, all selected units will get turned ON/OFF in a sequential manner. As per need, one can selectively switch ON/OFF individual unit.

Emergency shut down
In case of any emergencies, such as fire / earthquake, a potential free contact sensing is provided, which can be connected to the fire safety system / emergency safety system (to be provided by the customer), which ensures safety by switching off all machines instantaneously.

Individual handset enable / disable
Central station gives you the flexibility to control units individually. For e.g., in hotels, lobbies and conference halls a common setting of temperature & humidity has to be maintained so that individual handsets can be restricted by disabling it from central station.

Whereas, hotel rooms, V.I.P. chambers, Managing Director's room needs to be operated independently, so that individual handset control can be enabled from the central station.

Backlight function Image
The running status of all units during any day or night time is provided clearly, by the back light function in Central Station.


* Note: All Takumi Models comes with single ODU
* Features may vary from model to model
* Due to continuous R & D, specifications and features may change without prior notice


PAC Accessories for Takumi Ductable Air Conditioners

UV lamp with ventilation
  • Reduced health risks
  • Good indoor air quality
  • Germicidal UV lamp
  • Prevents sick building syndrome
Drain Pump Assembly
Drain Pump Assembly


  • Immaculate interiors
  • Odourless conditioned space
  • Clean & healthy environment
  • Improves working height
Central Station
A unique enhancement that controls and monitors multiple ducted (up to 16 max) units with a single central controller. It can be placed anywhere in the air conditioned space.
Centeral Station
  • Emergency shutdown
  • Compatible up to 16 units
  • Individual & simultaneous ON/OFF in sequential manner
  • Reduce inrush current
  • Individual handset enable/disable
  • Self diagnosis

Features (click on the features to know more)



  • TechnologyBuilt-in real time clock
  • TechnologyCompressor run time tracking
  • TechnologyFlexibility in handset cord length
  • TechnologyPart load operation
  • TechnologyPhased compressor turn-on
  • TechnologyRun time equalization of compressors