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Hitachi in India

Indoor Unit|Floor Type / Floor Concealed Type

Space-Saving slim unit, only 220mm in depth (RPF-FSN2E)

Slim line design only 220 mm in depth, allowing it to be installed without spoiling the style or beauty of the room.

Effecitive Use of Space of Window (RPF-FSN2E)

With a height of 630 mm, may be installed by a window leaving plenty of window space. Best installed in a perimeter zone.

So compact that it fits into even a tiny sapce (RPFI-FSN2E)

Special emphasis placed on interior design compatibility as well as space saving design, allowing it to fit perfectly into the space below a bay window.

With the built-in electronic expansion valve, Hitachi's indoor unit is designed to be freely connected either to outdoor units or other indoor units. Select the outdoor unit of your choice from the list in the catalog (Please refer to the catalog for details of the connection capacity limit, etc.).