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Hitachi in India

VRF|FSN6Q Series

Releasing a next-generation variable refrigerant flow air conditioning systems designed for buildings that saves energy, construction time, and installation space!

Hitachi has developed the new FSN6Q Series series to meet the increasing requirements and complex operating conditions of intelligent building air conditioning. FSN6Q Series comes to you with higher cooling capacity, unique safety features, lower power consumption and lower operating costs.


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  • TechnologyWide Product Range
    6 types base modular unit and combination of 24 capacity outdoor units.
    9 types80 models.
  • TechnologyInteligent Control System

Adopts latest technologies

  • TechnologyNewly-developed, Highly-efficient 2-blade-Inverness Fan
  • TechnologyHigh-efficiency Fan Module
  • TechnologyVector-control DC Inverter
  • TechnologyHigh-efficiency DC Inverter Compressor
  • TechnologyHigh-efficiency, Constant-speed Compressor
  • TechnologyLarge-capacity DC Fan motor
  • TechnologyNewly-developed, Energy-saving Heat Exchanger
  • TechnologySupercooling Circuit

The Hitachi Patented High Efficiency Scroll Compressor

  • Anti-overcompression Technique
  • The Originated 2-Stage Oil Sparating Technique Improves Reliability of System

The Hitachi Patented Precise Inverter Technique

The operating speed of DC motor in compressor can be adjusted continuously in 1Hz increment and freely relating to the variability of system capacity. This technique integrated with auto-adaptive control technique automatically adjusts capacity output according to actual air conditioning load in order to achieve a smoother curve of temperature fluctuation.

Heat Exchange Efficiency

25-step Fan Speed Control


The DC variable-speed motor is adopted in outdoor unit, which results in effciency promotion and power input reducation. The outdoor fan speed can be adjusted by 25 steps.


New Efficient Heat Exchanger


"2 in 1" Refrigerant Circuit


Improvement of Heat Transfer



Two-stage Super-cooling


A sub-cooling section in the heat exchanger of outdoor unit is designed to realize the first-stage super-cooling. Furthermore. a high efficient recooler is applied to archieve the second-stage super-cooling.


  • 1. Two-stage Super-cooling Cyclic Graph
  • 2. Two-stage Super-cooling Pressure-enthalpy Graph
    • TechnologyTwo-stage super-cooling circulation enhances cooling capacity
    • TechnologyPressure loss of refrigerant flowing in pipe is reduced
    • TechnologyImproved undercooling contributes to stable operation of EEV
    • TechnologyImproved undercooling allows extension of total piping length.

Various Controllers

Remote Control Switch
Wireless Remote Control Switch
Central Station


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  • TechnologyWide Product Range

    6 types and 19 models of outdoor units 7 types and 39 models of indoor units.