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Hitachi in India

Air Purifiers|EP-NZ50J

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  • Technology Allergen- free HEPA Filter in EP NZG70J Model.

    Allergen-free EPA Filter

  • TechnologyStainless Clean

    Stainless steel used in the air pathways keeps the unit clean and makes the filter  maintenance easy.

  • TechnologyWashable/Re-Usable Filters

    Washable/Re-Usable Filters

  • TechnologyAllergen-Free Catechin Deodorizing EPA Filter
  • TechnologyAnti-bacterial Lint Filter
  • TechnologyECO Mode Energy consumption

    Energy consumption is up to about 36% less compared to regular automatic operation.

Price List

Air Purifiers: EP-NZ50J MRP

Model No.

Model Description LTR-Class Star Rating New MRP * (in Rs.)


Allergen-free EPA filter effectively captures fine dusts


* Reduction in MRP on refrigerators is due to New GST w.e.f. 27.07.2018.