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Hitachi in India

Hitachi World

About Hitachi World

What is the new Hitachi World store all about?

Hitachi World is a unique store that aims to offer one stop Air conditioning solutions to all consumer segment(B2B and B2C). In this store, one can get all kind of support and information needed for commercial air conditioning products and services that Hitachi has to offer. It will have display of VRF, PAC, Chiller, Cassette and Residential ACs.

Where is the Hitachi World store located?

The new sprawling showroom, spread over approx.1, 000 square feet area and is located at Pakwan Circle, Sindu Bhawan Road, Ahmedabad.

Why should you visit the Hitachi World store?

Hitachi World offers one stop solution to builders, architects and consultants for customized, end to end solutions to B2B and B2C segments.

Under the B2B segments, Hitachi has recently launched its new SET-FREE Sigma (∑) Series. It has also introduced recently, Toushi Ductable Air Conditioners, Flexi Split ACs and 8 new models of Cassette ACs in Light Commercial PAC.

In Residential Air Conditioning, Hitachi introduced Expandable Inverter ACs this year which has been designed for extremely hot weather conditions of the Tropical IndianPlains and extremely hot and humid conditions of the coastal regions.

Glimpses of the Store Inauguration


Our Clients

  • Retail Chain
  • Telecommunications
  • Food Joints
  • Residential
  • Banks
  • Automobile Showrooms
  • Corporate Offices
  • Builders
  • Educational Institutes

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