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Voltage Stabilizers (Available in 3,4 & 5 KVA)

The RYOKU Stabilizers are elegant and easy to install.  They are aesthetically designed for all types of air conditioners.  This product is available in both copper and aluminum windings.  They are packed with features like automatic restart, time delay and high/ low voltage cut off.  These features provide efficient and reliable protection to room air conditioners.

  • Time Delay System: It gives sufficient time to the compressor to balance itself when the voltage is restored.
  • Hi- Low Cut Out Protection: Protects the air conditioner form the high/low voltage within the proscribed limits.
  • Generator compatibility#
  • Performs in wide range of voltage
  • Primary switching technology
  • Zero Cross Detector technology*
  • Overload cut off with automatic reset*
  • Output voltage correction without break
  • Sturdy Metal built cabinet.

*Model Specific # Standard Generator compatibility

Particulars Ryoku Stabilizer Specifications
Capacities 3 KVA TO 5 KVA
Input Voltage Range  
Normal 160 V to 260 V
Wide 140 V To 270 V
Extended 100 V to 270 V
Output Voltage 195 V to 245 V
Regulation + / - 9%
Calibration Accuracy +-3%
Efficiency >96%
Input Frequency 50 Hz
Wave From Depending on the Input
Effect of Power factor Nil for HLC Model
Transfermer Desgine E & I (Single Step) and Torodial
Fire proof sleeve on transformer
Indication Input On
Low Cut-off (Depending on the Model )
High Cut-off (Depending on the Model )
Metering Analog / Digital Voltmeter to read
Input & Output Voltage
with Selector Switch
Circuit Control IC control Program
Body Powder Coated Cabinet
Relay Electromagnetic Relay suitable for Indian condition
Cord 3 Core, One Meter Length
Operating Temperature 0 - 50º C

Ryoku Indoor Units (Available in 1.0 Tr , 1.5 Tr & 2.0 Tr)

Ryoku Indoor Units are aesthetically designed and are built of high efficiency heat exchanger and expansion valve.  It has a user-friendly remote controller and provides 2 way air movement.  It is available in muted colors to gel with your interiors.

  • Aesthetic design                             
  • Light in Weight                
  • Copper Tubes in Evaporator Coil
Specs Units  1.0 Tr  1.5 Tr  2.0 Tr 
Model No    CSC-12Y5  CSC-18Y5 CSC-24Y5
Cooling Capacity  Btu/h 12000 18000 24000
Power Input  W 1210 1800 2400
Current Input  A 5.4 7.9 10.8
Air Circulation Qty (Indoor )  m3/h 550 850 950
Net Dimension (W x H x D )  mm 790 x 187 x 270 1020 x 215 x 320 1020 x 215 x 320
Gross Dimension (W x H x D ) mm 855 x 260 x 330 1100 x 290 x 390 1100 x 290 x 390
Net/Gross Weight (IDU)  Kgs 9kgs/11kgs 14kgs/16kgs 14kgs/16kgs
Design Pressure  Lo  Mpa 0.69 0.8 0.8
Hi Mpa 2.65 2.8 2.8
Max Operating Pressure  Indoor  Mpa 2.4 2.4 2.4
Protection Type of Shock Proof CLASS I
Climate Application Type  T1

Wall Bracket

Ryoku wall brackets are strong and sturdy to handle the weight of the Outdoor Unit.  It is made from galvanized steel and is powder coated to ensure longer life.  It also has an increased arm length to avoid high head pressure generation.

  • Material : High quality Steel (Galvanized)
  • Product  Finish: Powder Coated
  • Fastener Kit: Standard kit supplied along with the product
  • Carton Size: 50cm x 15 cm x 5 cm
  • Max ODU Weight bearing capacity : 50kgs
Wall Brackets Specification
Overall Size  500 X 500mm
Material Used  High Quality Steel
Finish  Powder Coated 
Carton Size  50cm X 15cm X 5 Cm Height
Weight Bearing Capacity  upto 50 kg (outdoor Unit)

Weather Protection Cover

Ryoku Weather Protection Cover (Dust Cover) protects the AC from dust, rain and sunlight and enhances the life of the air conditioner. This product has a fine finish and is available for various models.

  • Protects from Dust, Rain and Sunlight
  • Easy to Wash

Joint Protection Treatment

The Tube Joint Protection Treatment protects the tune joints from corrosive environment, reduces leakages and enhances the life of the coil joint.

  • Withstand Wide Temperature Change                  
  • Anti Fungal                        
  • Mildew Resistant