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Hitachi in India

Ducted Air conditioners|Toushi

With Eco Friendly Refrigerant


Toushi Range of Ductable ACs

The word Toushi is derived from a Japanese term that means ‘Fighter’. It has been ingeniously engineered for maximum personal comfort and it offers smart solution to professionals like architects, HVAC consultants and more. Toushi range offers factory charged and tested refrigerant, ease of installation, ease of operations and safety features that are made according to the customer’s needs. Need cooling expert for any requirement, trust Toushi.

Unique Characteristics

With Eco Friendly Refrigerant
  • Powerful
    (More Efficient)

  • Part Load Operation
  • Phase Starting of Compressor
With Eco Friendly Refrigerant
  • Comfort
    (Ease of Operation)

  • Wireless Remote
With Eco Friendly Refrigerant
  • Proficient
    (Enhanced Performance)

  • Silent Operation
  • Factory Charged Refrigerant
With Eco Friendly Refrigerant
  • Reliable
    (Higher Ambient Temperature)

  • Up to 52°C 
With Eco Friendly Refrigerant
  • Safety
    (Safer Units)

  • Advanced Microprocessor Control
With Eco Friendly Refrigerant
  • Flexibility
    (Design Convenience)

  • Flexibility in IDU mounting
  • Compact Design

With Eco Friendly Refrigerant

Compact Design

The new sleek chassis of ODU offers better aesthetics with 24% reduced floor space and13% reduced volume. It offers more space for other usage.

Phase Starting of Compresser

The microprocessor embedded in controller provides a delay between the start-up of compressors of the same machine.


  • Reduces load on mains
  • Ensures machine safety
  • Ensures equal running life of compressor by uniform usage
Part Load Operation of Multiple Compresser

When the room temperature is close to the set temperature, the microprocessor shuts off the compressors automatically in a phased manner.

  • Energy saver
  • Prevents redundancy
  • Reduces wear & tear of compressor
  • Prevents overcooling
Engineered Blower Housing Design

The blower housing design has been modified to reduce the sound level in the model. The suction area and discharge area are increased to achieve uniform airflow. The volute design has been changed to minimize the effect of turbulence in airflow. It is a two piece design with FR grade ABS plastics.


  • Improved airflow efficiency with minimum pressure loss
  • Improved sound level
Remote Controller

Introducing New Wireless Remote Controller Along with Standard Wired Controller.

It’s Key Features Are:

  • Seven Segment Display
  • Wireless Remote Sensing
  • Modes : Cool & Fan
  • Room temp setting 16°C  to 30°C 
  • Room & Set Temperature display
  • 24 hr Timer
  • Self-Diagnosis
  • Manual Compressor Selection
  • Auto Restart
  • Compressor run time indication
Flexibility in Convertible IDU

Looking at the space constraints, the new 16.5TR unit of the Toushi series has been specially designed with a convertible fan compartment & coil compartment. The same indoor unit can thus, be used as floor mounted or ceiling suspended. This innovative design gives the flexibility of installation for better management of space.


  • Better space management
  • Flexibility of installation
  • Easy service ability
Scroll Compresser

Scroll Compressor is designed and engineered to deliver optimum cooling efficiency over the entire operating range. The no complex internal suction and discharge valves enhances quieter operation and considerably less moving parts of the unit have less wear and tear, which increases reliability when compared to conventional compressor. The ability to start under any system load, without start components and better liquid handling capability by scroll compressor makes air conditioner more reliable.


  • High volumetric efficiency
  • Unmatched durability or reliability
  • Low sound level and low vibration
  • Unloaded start and smooth operation
  • Accurate temperature control
  • Optimized operational cost
Factory Charged Refrigerant

Hitachi ductable unit has factory charged refrigerant. All units are tested in factory under standard quality parameters, which ensures best performance of the units when installed. All units are equipped with service valve, which provides pump down of refrigerant and hassle free relocation of the unit.

Advanced Microprocessor Controller


  • Low power consumption
  • Safety of other home appliances
  • Increased life expectancy of unit
  • Lower maintenance cost

Advanced Microprocessor Controller safeguards compressor from the following:

  • Over Current / Overload
  • Over / Undervoltage
  • Single Phase/ Phase Loss
  • High/ Low Pressure
  • Reverse Phase