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Ducted Air conditioners|Takumi

Takumi R410a

With Eco Friendly Refrigerant


Eco-Friendly Refrigerant

Takumi Series comes with R410A which is an environmentally sustainable refrigerant. Technically, it is a superior refrigerant having Zero ODP (Ozone Depleting Potential) and Low GWP (Global Warming Potential). Hence, it is safe and eco-friendly.

Phased Starting of Compressors
Phased Starting of Compressors

Load on main due to compressor

Phased Starting Compressors
  • Controls inrush current
  • Reduces load on mains
  • Ensures safety of machine
Variable Speed Condenser Fan Motor

The Microcontroller senses the ambient temperature with the help of Ambient Temperature Sensor and adjusts the fan speed accordingly, hence ensuring lower power consumption and efficient cooling.

Thus, in case of high ambient temperature, the fan speed increases, minimizing the derating of compressor capacity without affecting the cooling capacity. And, in case of low ambient temperature, the fan speed is reduced to a lower level to suit your cooling requirement.


  • Reduction of derating at higher ambient temperature
  • Lower power consumption with higher capacity of the units, hence higher EER.
Phase Starting of Multiple Units

The Takumi Series comes with inbuilt solution to provide a time delay in starting up of compressors when multiple machines are switched on. The Rotary Switch guides the machine’s compressors to start one after the other, thus producing low start-up load.


  • Reduced inrush current
  • Lower capacity DG set required
  • Reduces wear & tear of machine & DG set
  • Increases the safety of machine & DG set installed
multiple units
Cable Communication
RS 485 Cable Communication

The RS 485 cable is used to ensure effective communication between the Indoor & Outdoor Unit. The cable effectively delivers precise voltage signals between the units so that the machine can perform its functions effectively.


  • Effective on cabling cost
  • Reduces risk of fire & electric shock
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Better communication between ODU - IDU
User-Friendly LCD Remote Control
User-Friendly LCD Remote Control Handset

The new LCD panel of Remote controller displays all the operating parameters of the machine simultaneously to enable the user to control the desired settings.


  • Set Temp. Range from 16°C to 32°C
  • Modes - Auto, Cool, Fan & ACT
  • Compressor Selection Function
  • 7 Day Weekly Timer
  • 4 ON/OFF Timers per Day
  • Optional Features - UV Lamp, Drain Mechanism, Ventilation.
  • Error Code Display
Sensible Microprocessor
Product Safety

Keeping Product Safety & Quality at priority, the Takumi Series comes with the stringent safety features to keep the product up to the mark.


  • Burst proof capacitors used with FR cap
  • High class motor insulation
  • IP55 protection class fan motor
  • Fire retardant material like FR insulation, FR grade blower casing are used for indoor units.
Sensible Microprocessor
Part Load Operation*

When the room temperature is close to the set temperature, the microprocessor shuts off the compressors automatically in a phased manner.


  • Saves energy
  • Provides redundancy
  • Reduces wear & tear of compressor
  • Prevents over cooling
Part Load Operation
Phased Starting
Run Time Tracking & Equalization of Compressors*

The inbuilt feature displays and controls the run time of each compressor. The compressors are sequenced automatically so that the run hours of all compressors are equal. This ensures that no single compressor is subjected to extra wear and tear, thus ensuring longer life.


  • Ensures equal running life of compressors by uniform usage
  • Budget & monitor power consumption
  • Trouble-free operation due to less wear & tear
Tracking & Equalization of Compressors

PAC Accessories for Takumi Ductable Air Conditioners

Central Station

A unique enhancement that controls and monitors multiple ducted (up to 16 max) units with a single central controller. It can be placed anywhere in the air conditioned space.


  • Emergency shutdown
  • Reduced inrush current
  • Compatible with up to 16 units
  • Individual handset enable/disable
  • Individual & simultaneous ON/OFF in sequential manner
  • Self diagnosis