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Hitachi in India

Solfege Series|Solfege Series

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  • Technology3-way Flexible Shelf
  • TechnologyTempered Glass Shelves

    As well as offering an elegant appearance, these shelves are scratch-proof, heat-resistant and they prevent spills. What’s more, each one of them can hold up to 100kg.*5

  • TechnologySlide Out Fresh Room
  • TechnologyJumbo Door Pocket

    Just the right size, these pockets are wide enough to hold 2L bottles.

  • TechnologyLED Light

    The refrigerator features an LED light that lasts a long time but consumes much less energy of conventional Lamp.

  • TechnologySlide Type Double Deck Drawer
  • TechnologyHigh-moisture Cooling

    High-moisture Cooling


    Optimum humidity is maintained inside the compartment to keep vegetables fresh.

  • TechnologyBottle Corner

Price List

Solfege Series: Solfege Series MRP

Model No.

Model Description LTR-Class Star Rating MRP (in Rs.)


Solfege Series 336L

336.0 63000


Solfege Series 390L

390.0 69500