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Hitachi in India

Outdoor Units|Set Free Light Commercial VRF

Set Free Front flows series with its unique build, epitomizes compactness and can be easily installed for small and medium applications

Key Features


  • Wide Product Range
  • 6 to 12 HP
  • Energy Saving
  • DC Inverter Driven Compressor
  • Flexibility of Installation
  • Compact and light design
  • Flexible refrigerant piping
  • Space Saving
  • With less height, depth and weight, the AC can be fitted in the balcony, landing of outdoor staircase, under balcony eaves, etc
  • Control by Network System
  • Compatible with BMS Network and centralized controller

Core Technologies

Low Noise Technology

  • Super High-stream Fan
    Super High-stream Fan of 544 mm cuts down the noise.

  • Low Pressure Loss Air Outlet Grill
    The rib structure synchronized with rotation flow from the fan reduces the air resistance at the air outlet grill.

  • New Fin with Less Pressure Loss
    The draft resistance is reduced by 20%. Both high-efficiency and low noise operation are simultaneously satisfied.

Flexibility Of Installation: Front Flow Series

Space Saving Installation

With a width of only 390 mm, the SET-FREE Front Flow can be installed on staircase or balcony or under the eaves.

With Eco Friendly Refrigerant

Flexibility in Installation and Delivery

  • With its light and compact body, the SET-FREE Front Flow can be easily carried in the elevator even in a small urban site.

  • No cranes required for delivery.

  • The unit can be carried manually.

Flexibility in Refrigerant Pipe Work

The piping can be designed and constructed up to a maximum length of 100m. (Total piping length: 250)

  • Max. piping length: 100m (Equivalent length: 120m)
  • Max. length between first branch and indoor unit: 40m
  • Height difference between highest and lowest indoor units: 15m or less
  • Max. length between branch from indoor units: 40m.
  • Height difference
    Highest outdoor unit: 40m
    Lowest outdoor unit: 30m