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Hitachi in India

Outdoor Units|Set Free Kyosho

Set Free Kyosho series is derived from a Japanese term that denotes ‘Master of Professionals’ tailor made to meet all customer demands of Air conditioning systems.

Key Features

  • Wide Product Range:-
  • FSXNK 8 to 54 HP
  • FSXNKM 8 to 48 HP
  • FSXNKV 8 to 36 HP
  • Energy Saving:-
  • DC Inverter Driven Compressor
  • Flexibility of Installation:-
  • Compact and light design and flexible refrigerant piping
  • Comfort and Reliability:-
  • Capable of impressively low noise levels with noise reduction preference mode (option)
  • Control by Network System:-
  • Compatible with BMS Network and centralized controller

Core Technologies

27-Step Fan Speed Control

The use of DC variable-speed motor results in increased efficiency and power input reduction. With Kyosho Series, the outdoor fan speed can be adjusted in 27 steps.

With Eco Friendly Refrigerant

  • The stability of discharge pressure and suction pressure of compressor is assured.
  • The stability of dynamic flow (capacity) allocation of indoor unit is assured.
  • Quick response of control system is improved, accordingly the system’s stability, durability and reliability are assured.

Energy Efficiency Ratio

Indian climate varies with geographical conditions that ranges from dry desert to humid coastal areas. The efficiency of air conditioners play major role in such wide ranging temperatures. As there is no well defined performance measurement in India, hence EER plays predominant role in checking performance of any Air conditioning system.

Hitachi’s kyosho series offers some of the best EER value of its VRF systems. These performances are result of Hitachi’s innovative technologies i.e. high efficiency inverter compressor fitted with brushless DC motor, innovative high performance heat exchangers using super slit fin design and innovative oil optimization technology.

Wide Working Range

SET-FREE Kyosho Series is designed keeping in mind India’s wide-ranging climatic conditions and requirements for cooling and heating.


  • When ambient temperature is high, be careful about short circuit
  • For comfortable operating, perform maintenance of the heat exchanger of Outdoor Unit

Advanced Technologies

Hitachi’s Kyosho Series comes with some unique advantages and technologies.

Rotational Operation*1 to Distribute Load of Outdoor Units

Regulating the operation time of each outdoor unit leads to load reduction on compressors.*2During multiple unit operation, the same rotation frequency of inverter compressor results in an equivalent load on each compressor. Therefore, outdoor unit endurance is improved.

With Eco Friendly Refrigerant


  • At least 2 outdoor units are required for this function.
  • Comparison between rotation operation function and non-rotation operation function based on the same system.

Backup Operation Function for Emergency

The Backup Operation Function prevents the system from coming to a complete stop when outdoor unit failure occurs.*1 Emergency operation starts with the remote control switch after an alarm.*3

With Eco Friendly Refrigerant


  • A minimum of 2 outdoor units are required for this function.
  • Emergency Operation can be performed within 8 hours, after switching the unit off. Post 8 hours from time of switch off the  Emergency Operation shall fail to launch.
  • Emergency Operation shall be launched into action through a specified alarm code. Refer to “Alarm Code for Emergency Operation”.

Flexibility in Refrigerant Pipe Work

Improved flexibility of design by increasing the total pipe length up to 1,000 m.

  • For 100m or more, the pipe diameter will be one size larger.
  • There are restrictions for connectable indoor units and refrigerant amount.Please refer to technical manual for details.
  • In case the outdoor unit is installed at a higher level than indoor units. If the outdoor unit is installed lower than indoor units, the maximum height difference is 40 m.
  • In case the outdoor unit is installed at a higher level than indoor units, and only when it is a base unit.

Flexibility of Facility Design

Improved Piping Installation

Height difference between the outdoor units and indoor units and height difference between the indoor units have been changed as shown.

Connectable upto 64 Indoor Units Max.

The number of connectable indoor units per refrigeration cycle can go up to 64. By use of this feature, optimal comfort can be provided to modern buildings which requires large number of indoor units.

With Eco Friendly Refrigerant

Flexibility of installation: Kyosho series

Compact and Light Design

Transportation and Handling using Elevator

The elevator can be used to transport the base unit separately. Even the Largest Basic Unit (18 HP Model) Can Be Carried in an Elevator.

With Eco Friendly Refrigerant

Ease of Installation

Additional refrigerant piping outlet is provided on the right bottom side of the front cover in addition to the three directions (front, rear or bottom) from the bottom base.This facilitates an easy and clear installation of the piping from multiple outdoor units.

With Eco Friendly Refrigerant

A new piping outlet is provided on the lower right side of the front cover and so the piping connection kit can be installed at the lower position. This makes an easy and clear installation of the piping from multiple outdoor units possible.