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Hitachi in India

Self Contained Air Conditioner|Self Contained Air Conditioner

A Sturdy & Compact Airconditioner which is energy efficient, Easy to Install & Maintenance Free. Ideal for open spaces like Auditoriums, Factories, Conference Rooms, Food Processing & Laboratories. A Self Contained Air-Conditioners is a compact design composed of compressors, evaporators, air-cooled condensers, evaporator fans, condenser fans and control equipment, all packaged in a weather proof cabinet. This self contained unit commonly installed on roof tops and thereby called a 'Roof Top'. These units are ideal for multi-storied buildings and are perfect for commercial applications like malls, stores, shops, restaurants, factories, cinema halls, laboratories and commercial complexes.

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  • Technology Designed for very high ambient
  • TechnologyAdjustable Pulley & Static
  • TechnologyCorrosion Resistance
  • TechnologyEasy to Install
  • TechnologyEnergy Efficient Design
  • TechnologyHigh Ambient Operation
  • TechnologyQuiet Operation

    Operation switching to a lower setting and minimal compressor on/off switching let you enjoy a quiet, peaceful living environment. The compressor’s high precision further ensures smooth on/off switching with reduced noise.

  • TechnologySelf Diagnostics