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Hitachi in India

Chillers|New Water Cooled Screw Chiller

New Water cooled screw chiller
Incorporating proprietary cutting edge technology, Hitachi's water cooled chiller combines high efficiency performance and stable operation. Our new Semi-Hermetic Twin-Screw compressor uses environment friendly R134a refrigerant. Hitachi's unique features low noise, low vibration, high efficiency and high performance comes with a user-friendly touch panel type liquid crystal screen at a glance and has a full range of control functions. Hitachi's new water cooled chiller is perfect answer to all your needs, designed to cover all applications ranging from air conditioning of buildings to process application in factories.
Key Features
Key Features (USPs)
- Wide capacity range from 54 Tr to 530 Tr
- Highly efficient Hitachi screw compressor
- Max. ARI COP 6.48 achieved
- High performance twin-screw compressor
- Semi-hermetic design compressor
- Increased oil separation efficiency due to cyclone type oil separator
- Models with multiple compressors & refrigerant circuits are available.
- Advanced control panel
- Extremely low noise and vibration
- Factory fitted excellent protection controls
- Precise continous capacity control technology (25% to 100%)
*Features may vary from model to model.