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Hitachi in India

Made In Japan (MIJ)|Made In Japan (MIJ)

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  • TechnologyVacuum Preservation

    The uniquely designed vacuum preservation can achieve approximately 0.8 atm capability through the use of a vacuum pump to extract airfrom the compartment.This function reduces the action of enzymes in their surroundings and surpresses the oxidation thus ensuring the freshness in food while retaining food nutrients.

  • TechnologyPhotocatalyst Preservation

    Photocatalyst Preservation is now enhanced with 3 LED Lights that has a greater effect when it comes to the generation of carbon dioxide. The LED Light generate 3 times more carbon dioxide* to control the atmosphere in which fish, meat, fruits and vegetables are kept to enable successful deodorisation and suppression of microbes growth.

  • TechnologyHigh Speed Defrost with Aluminium tray

    An Aluminium Tray of high heat conductivity is placed at the bottom of the case. It controls and prevents dripping from meat and defrost the meat efficiently at a higher speed without affecting the taste.

  • TechnologyConvenient Storage in Vacuum Chiller Compartment

    Food items can be kept in its original state without losing their freshness, taste and nutrient leveles.The vacuum Chiller Compartment with its air- tight structure preserves and curbs the dryness in food whilst reducing the odourous compartments of food stored. Food that has been openeddoes not need to be wrapped for storage and this saves the hassle of wrapping.

  • TechnologySeasoning Absorb Faster into Food

    The Vacuum function in the Vacuum Compartment removes air from food stored which allows food seasoning to absorb at a faster rate so that lesser time is required for food preparation.

  • TechnologyEnergy Saving Technology

    Following Hitachi's continual efforts in pioneering green initiatives, this fridge has an array of the latest technological advantages that thrives towards a sustainable environment.With the introduction of a Dual Fan Cooling System, the cooling progress is much faster.

  • TechnologyDual Fan cooling System

    The refrigerator and freezer compartments are able to chill independently with the flaps and new Dual Fan Cooling System. The original cooling fan in the freezer compartment is designed to effectively cool the whole refrigerator system. However, as the refrigerator compartment is opened and closed more frequently, warm air tends to penetrate easily. Now, the refrigerator Compartment comes with an additional fan that chills the compartment faster to reduce wasted energy consumption.

  • TechnologyVacuum Insulation Panel (VIP)

    An advanced flexible VIP with powerful insulation increases its surface coverage of Fluid-urethane by urethane by using 3D reinforced double bag for enhanced cooling efficiency. The insulation layer is specially moulded to fit the inner wall structure, thus taking up less space that can otherwise be utilised for storage functions.

  • TechnologyAdvanced frost Recycling Cooling Technology

    In conventional cooling systems, frost formed on the evaporator would simply be melted and discarded. With Hitachi's advanced frost recyclig cooling, the cool air generated by the frost is recycled by sending it through the refrigerator and vegetable compartments to cool compartments even when the compressor is not running.Through this function, power consumption is reduced.

  • TechnologyInverter

    A highly efficient Inverter- controlled compressor ensures stable operations in both low and high speed operations.

  • TechnologyIntelligent Flaps and Sensors

    The intelligent Flaps and Sensors in the refrigerator, Freezer and vegetable Compartments detect temprature atmosphere on the upper and middle shelves separately on the food items stored to achieve an ideal cooling atmosphere at all times.

  • TechnologyCFC Free

    Hitachi Also uses a CFC-free refrigeratnt (R600a) that has less impact on global warming as compared to chloroflurocarbon.

  • TechnologyTravel Mode

    Introducing the Travel Mode that balances cooling power with usage frequency to prevent over-cooling when the fridge has not been opened or closed over a long period, thus greatly reducing power consumpation

  • TechnologyPower Saving Mode

    As each compartment cools individually, it reduces the energy wastage of powering the entire fridge just to cool one compartment. When Power saving mode is activated, an alarm will sound when the door is left opened for more than 30 seconds, after which the LED lights will dim.

  • TechnologyBigger Capacity with easy storage

    This refrigerator comes with a flexible storage capacity of approximately 722-liters. The newly designed one piece Tempered top-glass shelf increased storage capacity in the refrigerator compartment to approximately 363 litres.

  • TechnologyPerfect moisture Vegetable Compartment

    The vegetable compartment of approximately 126- litres capacity which is equivalent to 4.1 shopping baskets has upper and lower layers that are perfect for storing the vegetables easily and neatly withing.

  • TechnologyFreezer Compartment.

    With a large capacity of approximately 206 litres which is equivalent to 5 shopping baskets, storage of large items is so much easier. All your items can also be stored neatly and retrieved easily.

  • TechnologyTouch Control Panel

    The digital display touch control panel is superbly crafted for friendly usage

  • TechnologyTempered Glass Surface

    Made of tempered glass finishes, the ultra-glossy doors are scratch- proof and easy to clean

Price List

Made In Japan (MIJ): Made In Japan (MIJ) MRP

Model No.

Model Description LTR-Class Star Rating New MRP * (in Rs.)

R-E6800ND (XK)

6 Doors, Crystal Black, Inverter

722.0 304260

* Reduction in MRP on refrigerators is due to New GST w.e.f. 27.07.2018.