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Hitachi in India

Indoor Unit|Indoor Unit In-the-ceiling Type High Air Quantitiy

Indoor Unit In-the-ceiling Type High Air Quantitiy


Broader range of external static pressure and higher air volume. Flexibly supports a wide range of installation conditions on site, e.g. longer ducts.

New Design Blower Housing

Suction area and discharge area are increased to achieve uniform airflow. Volute design change to minimize the effect of turbulence in airflow.

Adjustable Fan Speed
The indoor fan motor has three speeds that can be adjusted to allow for pressure loss in the duct, thus providing a more efficient air flow.

Quiet Operation

The well balanced centrifugal fan helps provide quiet and efficient operation.

Space Saving Design

With a height of only 280 mm (2.0 HP to 3.0 HP), 385 mm (4.0 HP to 5.0 HP) or 440 mm (8 HP and 10 HP), this unit can be installed in false ceiling spaces of almost any building.