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Hitachi in India

Ductable Air conditioners|Hitachi Wired Concealed

Technologically and aesthetically designed for large showrooms, hotels, shops, resorts, offices with cubicles and rooms with low ceilings. It comes with superior heat exchangers that maximize cooling and lower power consumption. The indoor unit is installed in the ceiling and blends unobtrusively with the interiors. It is designed to produce horizontal air flow to help overcome the problems of a large room with odd sized cabins or half partitions.

Retrofit Option for Concealed Split Units

A Retrofit option that will upgrade your contemporary Microcool Concealed (Wired Remote) to new Wireless Remote technology. The new Wireless Remote technology comes with advanced electronics that provides loads of features according to personal needs.

Experience the change:

 Retrofit Option
  • Convenience in operation
  • Enhanced flexibility
  • Undisturbed sleep
  • Wireless remote
  • LCD display with backlight
  • Customized operating modes-Cool, fan, dry, auto & powerful
  • Filter clean indicator
  • On/Off timer with advanced start up
  • Kaimin mode


Features (click on the features to know more)


  • TechnologyAuto Restart

    Auto Restart

    Starts working automatically in the same setting after a power failure.

  • TechnologyCompressor Control

    Compressor Control

    When the room temperature gets closer to set temperature, the compressor switches on/off automatically. To ensure smother operation, there’s a delay before the compressor starts. The LED indication let you know if the compressor is working.

  • TechnologyFan Mode

    Fan Mode

    While in fan mode, you have three fan speed options to choose from.

  • TechnologyHigh Ambient Design for 52 degree C Outdoor Air Tem

    High Ambient Design for 520Outdoor Air Temperature


    Designed for high ambient conditions, these units guarantee reliable operations even at 52oC outdoor air temperature. Apart from many other reliability tests, the units have been tested for “maximum Overload” condition at 52oC in our “State Of The Art’ test labs. This test is done to check for any abnormality in the operation of units under high operating conditions. The test results show that there is no tripping of the unit and all operating parameters are within permissible limits.

  • TechnologyOff Timer

    Off Timer

    Your AC can be programmed to switch Off after desired time interval. So, it works only when you want it to. You can also program the off timer upto 12hours in advance in steps of 1 hour.

  • TechnologyOperating Mode (2)

    Operating Mode

    2 modes of operation-Cool and Fan for customized cooling.

  • TechnologySleep Mode

    Sleep Mode

    You can program your AC to increase the temperature progressively by 1oC per hour upto maximum of 2 hours. Beside comfort, it also ensure power saving.

  • TechnologyTwin Rotary Compressor *

    Twin Rotary Compressor

    The revolutionary new twin rotary compressor has two rotars which are positioned at 180o to each other. Twin rotary design helps achieving very low vibration & low noise level due to better balancing of rotars, Available in 5.0 & 7.5 tr.