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Hitachi in India

French Bottom Freezer Series|French bottom Freezer (4 Door)

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  • TechnologyINVERTER x Dual Fan Cooling

    The Hitachi Solution for Powerful Refrigeration + Exceptional Energy Saving.

  • TechnologyPowerful Cooling

    High Power from the inverter compressor generates a large volume of chilled air and Dual Fan Cooling delivers all of this to the compartments for powerful cooling. So even if the ambient temperature reaches as high as 60 °C, every corner inside the refrigerator is still thoroughly cooled.

  • TechnologyTempered Glass Shelves

    As well as offering an elegant appearance, these shelves are scratch-proof, heat-resistant and they prevent spills. What’s more, each one of them can hold up to 100kg.*5

  • TechnologyLED Light

    The refrigerator features an LED light that lasts a long time but consumes much less energy of conventional Lamp.

  • TechnologyVacuum Insulation Panel

    Highest level of heat insulation with glass fiber about 4μm

  • TechnologyStabilizer Free

    Cools under wide voltage fluctuations 130v – 300v

  • TechnologyLong Cool Keeper

    Cooling retention (in freezer compartment) up to 15 Hours even during power cut.

  • TechnologySuper Big REF Compartment

    Super big capacity allows you to store plenty of foo, so there’s no worry if you bulk buy or purchase too much.

  • TechnologyExtra Wide Interior

    The wide 77cm/71cm interior lets you store large dishes and big items.

  • TechnologyEasy to Access

    User friendly height (96cm) enables easy viewing and quick access to everything stored in the vegetable compartment.

  • TechnologyOutstanding Convenience

    with Touch Screen Controller, Selectable Mode Compartment and Double layer door pockets.

  • TechnologyEasy Twist Ice Maker

    Located in the door of the freezer compartment. As well as leaving more space for storing items, this new style makes it easy to make and take out ice.

  • TechnologyAdvanced Japanese Technology

    Aero-care Vege Compartment: A platinum catalyst maintains a high concentration of carbon dioxide in the compartment. This large vegetable compartment keeps items fresher for longer.

  • TechnologyOpen – Assist Handle

    The open-assist handle enables opening with little effort even when a lot of items are stored and the compartment is heavy.

  • TechnologyEco Thermo Sensor

    The Microcomputer for Hitachi’s Eco Thermo Sensor provides optimum cooling for efficient energy-saving operation at all times.

  • TechnologyNano Titanium Filter

    A unique filter that deodorises the air and promptly eliminates even the smallest size bacteria to make the air free from odour and bacteria.

  • TechnologyMoldproof Door Gasket

    Thanks to Hitachi’s moldproofing treatment, the door gasket can be cleaned easily.

Price List

French Bottom Freezer Series: French bottom Freezer (4 Door) MRP

Model No.

Model Description LTR-Class Star Rating MRP (in Rs.)


NEW French Bottom Freezer Refrigerator R-WB730PND5 - XGR-FBF  4 Door Inverter Gradation Grey Colour

650 134000


NEW French Bottom Freezer Refrigerator R-WB730PND5 - GBK-FBF  4 Door Inverter Glass Black Colour

650 134000


NEW French Bottom Freezer Refrigerator R-WB800PND5 - XGR-FBF  4 Door Inverter Gradation Grey Colour

700 144000


NEW French Bottom Freezer Refrigerator R-WB800PND5 - GBK-FBF 4 Door Inverter Glass Black Colour

700 144000