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Hitachi in India

Outdoor Unit|FSNMQ ( Set-Free Front Flow Type )


Provided in a compact body, but allows installation conditions comparable with those of a high-performance multi air conditioning system.

The compact, light body facilities deliverly and installation.

The adoption of a slim body improves flexibility in mounting, enabling installation in a small space or a formerly dead space.

Product Line-up

(Number of models)
Capacity Range ï¼»HPï¼½
8 10 12
R410A (3 models)


Compact body crammed with advanced technology

New Type DC Inverter Scroll Compressor

  • Improved Intermediate Pressure Performance
    The intermediate pressure performance is drastically improved by adopting release valve and optimizing orbiting scroll lifting force at the improved new compressing mechanism, therefore intermediate pressure performance is widely improved for energy saving.
  • Release Valve Adoption Prevents from Overcompression.
  • Orbiting Scroll Lifting Force Optimization is improved Leakage Loss Reduction.


Technology to Improve Heat Exchanger Performance

In the front-flow model, wind speed distribution is rendered uniform by making the direction of the wind flow to the fan and the heat exchanger the same. As a result, the performance of the heat exchanger is optimized and energy is saved.

Low Noise Technologies

The industry-leading low noise outdoor unit is realized by adopting the new model fin with low pressure loss.

  • DC Fan Motor

The smooth rotating fan motor with low vibration reduces the noise generation.

  • Super High-stream Fan

Super High-stream fan of Φ544 mm cuts down the noise.

  • Low Pressure Loss Air Outlet Grille

The rib structures synchronized with rotation flow from the fan reduces the air resistance at the air outlet grille.

  • New Fin with Less Pressure Loss

The draft resistence is reduced by 20ï¼…. Both high-efficiency and low noise operation are simultaneously satisfied.

Compact, but unrivalled by any other multi-split air conditioning system for buildings

Self-demand Control

A newly developed self-demand function has largely improved energy-saving effects. Since the current is self-detected and demand control performed automatically, no signal wiring work is required. Conventional demand control using demand signals is also available, and you can select various operations as required.


Smart Balance Control

The performance is the same regardless of the length of the refrigerant pipe.

Quickly senses air temperature difference to demonstrate proper performance. Energy-saving operation without loss realized.



The compact design greatly improves flexibility in installation

Top-class Compact and Light Weight Design

  • Facilitation and flexibility at installation are further advanced by adopting outdoor unit's lightweight and compact design compared to the current top-flow model.

  • With a width of only 390 mm, the SET-FREE FSNM can be installed on a staircase landing or balcony on each floor.

  • The front-flow type system allows installation under the eaves.

Greater Convenience during delivery and installation

  • With its light and compact body, the SET-FREE FSNM can be easily carried in the elevator even in a small urban site.
  • No cranes required for delivery

  • The unit can be carried at one time. Elevators can be used for delivery.

The piping can be designed and constructed up to a total piping length of 250m

The piping can be designed and constructed up to a maximum piping length of 100m. (total piping length: 250m)

  1. Piping length: 100m
    (Equivalent length: 120m)
  2. Max. length after first branch: 40m
  3. Max. length after branch: 15m
  4. Height difference between indoor units: 15m
  5. Height difference
    Highest outdoor unit: 40m
    Lowest outdoor unit: 30m