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Control System|Control System

Hitachifs exclusive intelligent control system actualizes highly customizable control, with central, dispersed, or individual control available.

Network Systems

You can select the air conditioner control interface depending on your needs to create a comfortable space.

H-Link …

Hitachi's proprietary high-performance transmission system for connecting control wires between indoor and outdoorunits, and between a centralized control system and indoor/outdoor units, across two or more refrigerant systems.

Flexible Wiring Routes

Absolutely no restrictions on the order of wiring, the wiring route and the number of branches. Simply connect to the adjacent units or the terminal block of a centralized control system.

H-Link II

The H-LINK transmission system for connection between outdoor and indoor units provides an extended system configuration and improved functions without sacrificing workability and the flexibility.


Compare with H-LINK System

Max.Number of Refrigerant Group / System 16 64
Address Setting Range of Indoor Units / Refrigerant Group 0 to 15 0 to 63
Max. Number of Indoor Unit / System 128 160
Total Number of Devices in the same H-LINK 145 200
Max. Wiring Length Total 1,000m(5,000m)*
In case 4 units of PSC-5HR are used.

Mixture of H-LINK and H-LINK II

H-LINK II corresponding models can be mixed with H-LINK corresponding models in the same system without any adaptor.

Control System Device Outdoor Unit
Indoor Unit
1(One) H-LINK(II) System
Outdoor Units
(Number of Ref. Groups)
Indoor Units
H-LINK II/ H-LINK Mixed 16* 128
H-LINK II/ H-LINK Mixed 16 128
A maximum 16 refrigerant groups can be connected in one H-LINK system under the following conditions.
  • Outdoor unit corresponding to H-LINK
  • Outdoor unit corresponding to H-LINK II connected with the indoor unit corresponding to H-LINK
More than 17 indoor units are available to connect with the 1 outdoor unit depending on the outdoor unit capacity. In that case, 2 ref. groups are required for 1 outdoor unit.

The range of ref. group setting and address setting is 0 to 15 when H-LINK corresponding central controller is used.
These functions can be set by wired remote control switch (PC-AR) only.
These functions can be set by wired remote control switch (PC-AR) and half size remote control switch (PC-ARH) only.
This function is not available depending on the outdoor unit type.


CS-NET is Hitachi's control network system for the SET-FREE FS series, SET-FREE FSNM and UTOPIA ranges. The flexibility of the SET-FREE system allows the internal data to be easily accessed and controlled by the user,
with features including temperature, mode and fan speed setting and groupings.

BACnet(R) is a registered trademark of ASHRAE.
LONWORKS(R) is a registered trademark of Echelon Corp.
Compatible H-LINK
HARC40 is connectable to Outdoor unit except for FSXN series.