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Hitachi in India

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New DC Inverter Scroll Compresser

Improved Intermediate Pressure Performance

The new and improved Compression Mechanism improves performance in intermediate pressure by implementing a release valve and optimising orbiting scroll lifting force. This improvement also facilitates better energy efficiency and saving.

  • Adoption of release valve technology prevents over-compression
  • Leakage losses are reduced by optimising orbiting scroll lifting force

Exclusive Asymmetric Scroll Technology

Symmetric Scroll

  • The outside chamber and inside chamberend gas suction happens at the same time
  • The pressure of outside chamber and inside chamber are equal
  • The pressure distribution in compressing chambers is symmetric

Asymmetric Scroll

  • The time difference between the suction of outside and inside chamber is 180°
  • The pressure of outside chamber and inside chamber are different
  • The pressure distribution in compressing chambers are asymmetric

Asymmetric Scroll structure of Hitachi Compressor reduces the refrigerant gas leakage loss during suction process. It helps us in increasing operating efficiency and reliability.

With Eco Friendly Refrigerant

New Type DC Motor

Motor efficiency at low rotation is further improved with Hitachi. New type DC motor has increased number of turns in a coil. This achieves to set inductive voltage high and down the current at low rotation.

The originated 2-stage oil separating technique

Equipped with Hitachi’s proprietary technology, our Compressor has an in-built oil separator. The in-built oil separator separates oil from the refrigerant and ensures less oil is transmitted to the oil separator. This minimised quantity of oil is further separated in the second stage of oil separation. The oil separator ensures no oil is mixed with the refrigerant.

Oil Return Optimisation

Hitachi SET-FREE outdoor units are modular type and connected to one refrigerant cycle. The oil should allocate back from refrigerant cycle to each outdoor unit equally, therefore all outdoor units have oil equalising system. The oil equalising system consists of oil separator, accumulator and oil return circuit. Hitachi’s unique accumulator technology makes suction of oil by the gas pressure difference and it is able to adjust the oil feeding level. Oil feeding depends on circulating refrigerant volume. Due to this reason, there is an improvement in rated performance and intermediate performance by 3.4%.

Optimised Inverter Control

Achieves the balance between intermediate performance and rated performance, optimises the inverter control for high rotation required area. Its set inductive voltage is high and it results in restriction of rotation frequency at high area. However, this optimised inverter control ensures the operating area by the trapezoid-shape voltage.

Capacity Control by 1 Hz

With the high efficiency DC inverter compressor and 100% load compressor, energy saving operations are achieved, while making the unit all the more efficient.*

(depending on the buildings)

Optimisation of Heat Exchanger

The newly designed heat exchanger has increased number of rows and layers. which increases in heat transfer area. This improved heat transfer helps in better performance of unit at high ambient temperature.

Fin Specification Improvement

Highly efficient super slit aluminum fin design has been opted for improving heat transfer efficiency.

With Eco Friendly Refrigerant

Self-Demand Control

Innovative self-demand function largely enhances the energy saving effects. The demand-control function is automatically performed without additional signal wiring by automatic current detection. Conventional demand control using demand signals are also available and various operations can be selected as required.