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Hitachi in India

Front Load|Sensor Plus

Features (click on the features to know more)


  • TechnologyAuto Self Clean

    Eco-technologies ensure energy-saving and eliminate harmful materials while new high-performance features enhance everyday life!

  • TechnologyBig Drum 510

    Thoroughly washes big 8.5/7.5 kg loads.

  • TechnologyDual Vibration Control System

    Thanks to innovative anti-vibration technologies developed in Japan. Hitachi's unique, quiet, anti-shake washing machines transmit hardly any vibrations. The 4-Ply Liquid Load Balancer and Hydraulic Suspension combine to provide exceptionally quiet operation from start to finish.

  • TechnologyIntelligent Sensor Systems
  • TechnologyLED Remaining Time Indicator
  • Technology180°Open Door

    For extra convenience the door opens 180o, so it doesn’t get in the way when you load and unload items.

  • TechnologySelf Correction System
  • TechnologyStandby Power Zero Watts

    When not operating, Hitachi front loading washers use no electricity.

  • TechnologyAuto Power Off

    When the washing machine finishes operating, power is automatically switched off, so there’s no need to switch power off manually or worry about forgetting to switch it off and wasting energy.

  • TechnologyFully Auto Restart
  • Technology14 Programs
  • Technology6 Optional Menus
  • TechnologySpecial Program Allergy Care

Price List

Front Load: Sensor Plus MRP

Model No.

Model Description KG-Class Star Rating MRP (in Rs.)

BD-W75TSP (White)

7.5kg 1000r/min

7.5 55000


8.5kg 1000r/min

8.5 60000