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Hitachi in India

Indoor Unit|All Fresh Air Indoor Unit

All Fresh Air Indoor Unit


Create comfortable and healthy indoor environment

Create a comfortable and healthy indoor environment by introducing fresh outdoor air. By heating or cooling fresh outdoor air to almost the same temperature as the room temperature, fresh ambient air can be adapted and then introduced into your room. Besides, after filtered, fresh outdoor air in transition seasons can be drawn to the room directly with no need of heating or cooling operation. While the fresh outdoor air is introduced, other indoor units don’t bear fresh air load.

Advanced Control

Can be interfaced with H-LINKII system, easy electrical wiring design and installation.

Flexible line-up to set-free series

All fresh air indoor units is applicable to SET-FREE outdoor units. Both SET-FREE indoor units and all fresh air indoor unit can be used in SET-FREE system.

Higher external static pressure

Better installation flexibility on site, longer ducts can be connected.