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Hitachi in India

Indoor Unit|1-way Cassette Type Features

1-way Cassette Type

Features and Benefits


1) Wide Detection area of motion sensor (SOR-NES)
(optional part) to achieve better energy-saving


2) Quiet operation
new design in fan inlet and fan resulted in the low sound pressure  


Design Flexibility

1) 3 installation types selectable

Corner type (standard)
allows for ceiling planning for lighting and interiors, suitable for installation in the perimeter zone near the window

Clipped ceiling (one-way) type
suitable for design that focuses on lighting and clipped ceilings, in case the unit is unable to be directly embedded in the ceiling

Clipped ceiling (two-way) type
provides increased comfort through two-direction airflow by utilizing the advantages of installation on a clipped ceiling Room temperature distribution can be improved by both forward airflow and downward airflow

  • Suitable for high ceiling space
  • Standard drain-pump with 850mm lift