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Hitachi in India

Side by Side

Using the combined abilities of Inverter Compressor and Dual Fan Cooling, Side By Side Refrigerators by Hitachi enable energy-optimized cooling for your foods and beverages.

Does your refrigerator help you stay fit?
You spend that one-hour in the gym sweating out extra calories. You resist street food and take special care when eating out. But what about the food stored in your refrigerator? Is your refrigerator as committed towards your health as you are?

Throwing a big party? Ask your refrigerator first.
Remember the last time when that huge cake landed hours before the first guest arrived. And you were thinking about where to store it? Or that large tray of pudding that just wouldn't fit inside your refrigerator. Is your refrigerator a good host as you are?

Does your refrigerator appreciate the need for your time and space?
You try hard to find time for yourself. You take pains to utilize the space inside your home in the best possible way. You've upgraded everything around you to make your life easier and better. Except, maybe your refrigerator?

Side by Side (Inverter Models)

Side by Side (Inverter Models)

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