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FAQ Air Conditioners

What is Cool Mode in a AC & How to use it?


Use of this mode is recommended when the outdoor temperature is 22 – 46°C. If humidity is very high (Over 80%) at indoor, some dew may form on the outlet deflector of the cooling unit.

Step1:- Press the mode selector, so that the display indicates the (COOL) mode of operation (Cool Mode the symbol is a snowflake)

Step2:-Set the desired room Temperature. The range of 25-28°C is recommended as the room temperature for cooling. The temperature setting and actual room temperature may vary somewhat depending on environmental conditions.

Step3:-Set the desired Fan Speed with the Fan Key (The Display Indicates the setting)

Step4:-Press the (ON/OFF) Key cooling operation starts with a beep, Press the key again to stop operation

Note:- The Cooling function doesn't start if the temperature setting is higher than the current room temperature As the setting are stored in the memory in the remote controller, you only have to press (ON/OFF) key

What is Dry Mode in a AC & How to use it?


Use of this mode is recommended for dehumidifying when room temperature is over 16°C

Step1:- Press the mode selector, so that the display indicates the (Dry) mode of operation (Dry Mode the symbol is a water drop). The fan speed is set at quiet operation automatically.

Step2:- Set the desired room Temperature. The range of 20-26°C is recommended as the room temperature for cooling.

Step3:- Press the (ON/OFF) Key Dehumidifying operation starts with a beep, Press the key again to stop operation


When room temperature is higher than the set temperature: The device will dehumidify the room, reducing the room temperature to the preset level

When room temperature is lower than the set temperature: Dehumidification will be performed with the set temperature slightly lower than the current room temperature, whatever the temperature setting is..

What is FAN Mode in a AC & How to use it?


When using this mode the device would work as a simple air circulator. Use this function to dry the interior of cooling unit at the end of summer and at the beginning of season.

Step1:- Press the mode selector, so that the display indicates the (Fan) mode of operation (Fan Mode the symbol is a fan )

Step2:- Press the FAN SPEED key and select the desired FAN SPEED

Step3:- Press the (ON/OFF) Key FAN operation starts with a beep, Press the key again to stop operation

What is KAIMIN Mode in a AC & How to use it?


Kaimin™ mode controls the temperature in such a way, that it provides Optimum cooling without creating the chill effect. This is good for healthy & comfort operation and also helps to save power.

Step1:- Press the Kaimin™ key to turn ON the Kaimin™ function.


If you set the temperature to 25°C after selecting the COOL mode with high fan speed & Kaimin™ for 1 hour, after 60 mins of running the set temperature shall be increased by 01°C above the set temperature i.e. 26°C & continues to work with this set temperature through out the operation with selected fan speed to provide comfortable and quiet sleep.

The Kaimin™ function is selectable in four different steps, with every press on Kaimin™ key, Kaimin™ function will change with beep sound. After selection of Kaimin™ function for required hours. To cancel Kaimin™ function press Kaimin™ key till no Kaimin™ display on LCD.

How to Set & Cancel the Timer?


1. If any of the timer is selected (ON/OFF) & power regains after failure unit will keep the timer in memory

2. Keep pressed the Temp Key, timer setting can be changed rapidly

3. If On or OFF timer is selected alone the handset will remember the last timer selected

4. While programming On or OFF timer, press CANCEL key to come out of programming mode without selecting or changing the time.

5. If DigiLock™ is applied and the unit gets OFF because of the OFF timer it would got to LOCK mode instead of STANDBY mode

6. If the ON timer is selected & unit is in STANDBY and pressing any key on handset a beep sound will come to show acceptance of new setting.

7. If DigiLock™ is applied & unit is in LOCK mode ON timer can not be selected

8. If DigiLock™ is applied & On timer is select after that if switches off unit it will go to LOCK mode and the unit will get on at preset time.

9. While programming timers if no buttons are pressed for 10 sec RemoCon™ will come out of the programming.

What is Digi Lock™ ?

Ans: - Use of this mode to enter password protection. Password can be entered even if the Air conditioner is in OFF mode.

How to Replace batteries in the RemoCon™ ?

1. Remove the cover as shown in the figure and take out the old batteries.

2. Install New batteries

The direction of the batteries should match the marks in the case.

3. Press DigiTemp™ key to select the current time

4. Press SET Key

The time indication shall be steady instead of blinking


1. If Air conditioner is not going to be used for a long period (2 to 3 months), remove the batteries from RemoCon™ to avoid damage due to battery leakage.

2. Do not use new & old batteries or different kind of batteries together

3. The Batteries must be of AAA size

How to Clean the Air Filters?

CAUTION:- Before cleaning, stop operation & disconnect the power supply.

Note :-

  • Filter LED will glow on Indoor unit Display after 120 hrs (approx) of unit running, to remind you to clean filter
  • After cleaning filters press Filter Clean key to reset
  • Do not Wash with hot water more than 40 degree Celsius. The filter may shrink
  • After Washing it shake off moisture completely and dry it in shade
  • Do not operate the air conditioner without filters.


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