Experience The iClean Plus Way Of Life

Hassle-free living comes with technology that is smart, intelligent and superior.

Hitachi presents iClean Plus - Technology that filters your AC automatically to provide you efficient cooling with maximum energy-saving. Embrace refreshing odour-free cool air while reducing energy consumption and experience a lifestyle free of stress.

Benefits of Auto Filter Clean Technology

The Auto Cleaning Brush moves on the stainless steel coated filter from its home position to the dust collector box position, while sweeping the dust. The dust catcher puts the dust in the dust box below it. Once the cleaning is over, the brush moves back to its initial position. 

This brush moves twice over the dust catcher to increase the dust transfer capacity. Auto filter cleaning ensures a dust-free filter, resulting in the air coming out of the AC being clean and fresh at all times.

  • 5 Star forever

    Without Auto Filter Clean Technology the 1.5 ton - 5 star air conditioner derates and delivers only 1.0 ton capacity air flow. Efficiency decreases greatly and performs like a 0 (zero) star model in 90 days.

  • Ever Efficient

    Inefficient operation consumes more electricity. Auto Filter Clean Technology in the ACs makes them highly energy efficient.

  • Ever Powerful

    Because it maintains the same performance like that of a new air conditioner, the air flow of the air conditioner will be same even after a long time of use. So that you can enjoy comfortable air conditioning that reaches every corner of the room.

  • Ever Clean

    It prevents dust accumulation and keeps the filter always clean like new. It prevents the breeding of mold and bacteria that cause unpleasant odours, and keeps you feeling fresh and comfortable.

Smart Technology For A Smarter Home Presenting Hitachi's Range Of Air Conditioners

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